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C&D Productions

C&D Productions came to me hacked and using Joomla version 1 or 1.5. The client was looking to have the hack removed and the site updated to the current version of Joomla. Given there is no upgrade path from the 1, 1.5 or 2.5 versions to 3.9 it was best to rebuild the site. My client liked her old site overall but knew that some of what was there had an older look and feel that she wanted to refresh a little. While the site is similar to the old site, it has a fresher look and is now responsive for moble and tablet.

Hollywood Lash Conference

The Hollywood Lash Conference is a site that I have been working on for several years since the beginning of the conference.   Each year the site undergoes changes to keep the design fresh and current for the upcoming conference, the design for the site is provided by the client and I create the site from that.


The ClayCoNews site came to me in need of an upgrade from Joomla 1.5 to the current 3.x version series.  This included creating a new template for the site, similar to the old one and migration of the site content to the new site.

National Foundation for Autism Research (NFAR)

I have been working on the National Foundation for Autism Research (NFAR) site for a couple of years, in Feb of 2019 the client wanted to re-design the site and streamlining it some.   Working with the provided designs, I was happy to give the client what they were looking for.

eXactitude Technologies

In April of 2019, I was asked to take a look at the eXactitude Technologies site which had been hacked.  After reviewing the site and addressing the hack, we discussed re-creating the site using a responsive template under the current version of Joomla, which needed an upgrade from Joomla 2.5. This required creating a new responsive template to match the design of the old non-responsive template and migrating the content over into the new site.


I have been working on the CLAW site for several years now, and one of the major upgrades that I performed was the update to a new template and the removal of the /home from all site URL's.